1. Good evening all. Welcome to the last week Twitter conference on Promoting Social Media Engagement To Eradicate Sexual And Gender-Based Violence. #EndSGBVseries @Denikeadeoye @VarceNigeria @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  2. I am Adenike Adeoye @Denikeadeoye, your Anchor, our guest, is Anita Graham @Tsolayemi07. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  3. This Twitter Conference will last from 6pm-7pm Nigerian time. We will attend to your questions and contributions from 6:45pm. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  4. I will welcome our guest for today, Anita Graham @Tsolayemi07. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  5. Today, our focus is on “Social Justice: A Dire Need to End Sexual and Gender-Based Violence” #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  6. We will be discussing about access to justice for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) survivors. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  7. Before we move into our major discussion for today, let’s quickly review some basic information about social justice. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  8. Justice means different things to different people. It is crucial that we listen to those who are seeking it, respect their wishes and respond to their needs. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  9. Access to justice means access to both formal and informal justice systems, as well as transitional justice processes where applicable. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  10. The challenges faced by SGBV survivors in pursuing justice will differ depending on gender, special needs, age, and the context, particularly where there is a plural legal system, i.e., formal and informal justice systems. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  11. The inequalities and discrimination faced by SGBV survivors in relation to the administration of justice tend to be exacerbated by displacement and statelessness. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  12. Ensuring access to justice for SGBV survivors is a State responsibility. Ministry of Justice, CBOs with relevant stakeholders, plays an important role in supporting communities and States in fulfilling their obligations in this respect. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  13. Legal aid clinics can play an important role in improving access to justice for SGBV survivors. Involvement of key stake holders, including local authorities and communities, is essential. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  14. Access to justice for SGBV survivors is not only part of the response to SGBV, but is also a crucial aspect of SGBV prevention. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  15. If SGBV goes unreported and unpunished, it sends a dangerous message to perpetrators and the rest of the community that SGBV can be committed with impunity. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  16. Ensuring that perpetrators are brought to justice has implications beyond the individual survivor and perpetrator. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  17. Encouraging survivors to access justice; only then can impunity end. Access to justice is a basic right. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  18. Access to justice and the survivor-centred approach respect survivors’ wishes and respond to their needs and do not just do what we think is best. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  19. If we do not respect the wishes of the survivor and persuade them to take a certain path, it could compromise their safety, cause them to relive the trauma they have faced, or lead to economic consequences. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  20. While many survivors want legal justice, for others this might be less important, or they might see too many barriers to make it worth pursuing. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  21. Everyone has fundamental human rights which are protected under international and national human rights law. Under international law, everyone is equal, is entitled to a fair trial, and has the right to be recognised before the law. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  22. To protect these rights, everyone also has the right to an effective remedy when harm or injury to recognized rights has been inflicted on them. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  23. Such remedies may include monetary or other forms of reparation (e.g., rebuilding destroyed houses) or restitution when someone has gained unfairly at someone else’s expense (e.g., through slavery and trafficking). #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  24. Right to access to justice for SGBV survivors has a number of elements: Awareness of rights, ability to access justice systems, a legal framework that conforms to international human rights standards, judicial and law enforcement processes and procedures that adopt a survivor-centred approach. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  25. Access to justice means access to both formal and informal justice systems, as well as transitional justice processes where applicable. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  26. There are three types of justice mechanisms which are: Formal justice systems, Informal justice systems and Plural legal systems. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  27. When we identify issues related to access to justice, and take steps to address them, we must take into account both formal and informal justice mechanisms. Some countries have a plural legal system. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  28. Informal justice systems are not all the same. They are commonly distinguished from State justice systems in that they frequently aim to resolve disputes through mediation or arbitration, usually through a person or a group with standing in the community. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  29. They often adopt practices that draw their authority from perceived cultural, customary or religious concepts. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  30. Most informal justice systems are traditionally lead and defined by men, though women participate in some examples. Some of these systems, such as alternative dispute resolution panels that operate at the community level, might have formal State recognition. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  31. Possible advantages of formal system: it is run by trained lawyers and judicial officers, formalized and supported by the State, enforces national laws (an advantage where these comply with international norms), decisions are enforceable #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  32. …more female participation than in informal justice systems, Less likely to impose decisions that bring further harm to survivors, e.g., forced marriage in the case of rape, and possible recourse to appeal decisions #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  33. Possible advantages of informal system: perceived as more legitimate by some communities, faster and less complex procedures than in formal systems, often promotes community cohesion, e.g., through stronger focus on restitution #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  34. …and compensation than punishment (though, not always the case, can also hand down harsh punishments), familiar, less intimidating environment, free or affordable most of the time, #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  35. …it doesn’t require traveling to a city/province, thus less security issues, local languages understood by the survivor used during the process. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  36. In many parts of the world, it can be difficult for SGBV survivors to access justice. These difficulties tend to be exacerbated in situations of displacement and statelessness, #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  37. …and can be even more problematic for certain groups of survivors such as children, men, LGBTI persons, and persons with disabilities. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  38. Barriers/challenges that can arise in accessing justice by survivors are multidimensional and go beyond the legal realm. Political, social, practical (distance, language etc.), cultural, socio-economic and psychological barriers can obstruct survivors from accessing justice. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  39. Amid “two pandemics” a rising number of COVID-19 infections and a spike in cases of sexual and gender-based violence against women and girls, coalition of partners are making progress in advancing state-level legislation to combat gender-based violence. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG @IpasOrg
  40. A federal law, the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act, was enacted in 2015 in response to the longstanding problem of gender-based violence in Nigeria where it is estimated that 1 in 3 girls and women will experience sexual abuse by the age of 25. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG @IpasOrg
  41. Yet only 16 out of 36 states have thus far adopted legislation needed to implement he VAPP Act at the state level…….please confirm this. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG @IpasOrg
  42. State level action is critical. State laws will provide the legal framework needed to both punish the perpetrators of sexual and gender-based violence and to provide the survivors with comprehensive sexual and reproductive services and care if needed. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG @IpasOrg
  43. Enactment of state-level bills will also help shift the culture in Nigeria away from “blaming the victim”. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG @IpasOrg
  44. …because of the stigma associated with rape, women and girls often do not trust the police @policeNG, the courts, or even health providers, to provide them help after they have been assaulted and so do not report the crime. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG @IpasOrg
  45. There is a need for programmes on sexual and gender-based violence that includes information on how to report cases and help women and girls manage their reproductive health like never before. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG @IpasOrg
  46. Data on reported incidents of GBV cases in Nigeria based on preliminary information from 24 states shows that in March, the total number of SGBV incident reported were 346, #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  47. …while in the first part of April, incident reported spiked to 794, depicting a 56% increase in just two weeks of lockdown. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  48. Some of these incidents of violence have tragically resulted in the death of victims, the rape of children, including incestual rape and tenant-landlord assault. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  49. There is a need to avoid postponement of cases as this will undoubtedly create a backlog of unresolved cases, with serious implications for the quality of the judicial response. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  50. There is an urgent need for virtual court hearing in every state for cases of sexual and gender-based violence to mitigate the challenge of reporting due to stigma and personal reasons. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  51. There is an urgent need for states to effectively ensure and strengthen access to justice and maintaining accountability mechanisms for survivors of SGBV. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  52. …policy responses to SGBV must ensure the ability of the justice system and law enforcement to act as mechanisms of accountability. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  53. …leverage opportunities to create a more transparent justice system, and use technological innovations to protect the rights of women and girls. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  54. There is an urgent need the adoption and implementation of national and state strategic frameworks on SGBV and on the domestication of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Acts across all states. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  55. Law enforcement agencies, the security sectors, and the Gender Desk of the Nigerian Police Force @policeNG should be trained on appropriate response regarding incidents of SGBV and reinforced with logistical requirements, #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  56. …including transport, to enable a synergized collaboration with shelter and one stop centres providing support to survivors. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  57. Key stakeholders, including the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, civil society organizations, legislators, and development partners should advocate for the immediate passage of the VAPP Act in the remaining states and for the development of funded action plans for its implementation. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG
  58. State-level frameworks on SGBV should be developed, with appropriate funding channels to implement them. #EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG @ UNODCNigeria @ UNICEFNigeria
  59. The @policeNG, @CivilDefenceNGR, Nigerian Prisons and other agencies must be alerted towards this urgent call to prosecute every offender of this harmful act ##EndSGBVseries @VarceNigeria @Denikeadeoye @UNFPANigeria @unwomenNG 60. To learn more about the #EndSGBVseries, please visit ……will send the blog link later
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